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The SEA-Mate is specially adapted for optimal performance on-board sea-going vessels. This ruggedized XRF workstation monitors oils and other liquids for wear metals, additives and cat-fines.


Success in this critical analytical application is the combination of a field hardened XRF technology platform born from years of portable XRF product installations, combined with an advanced combination of diffractive optics technology and energy-dispersive XRF.

The result is a high performance on-board XRF analyzer designed for use in the most demanding marine environments. The SEA-Mate was built per specification by A.P. Moller Maersk for their international fleet of sea vessels.

The SEA-Mate analyzes lubricants and fuels for the presence of wear metals, sulfur content and elemental contaminants within minutes.


The SEA-Mate can analyze both lubricants and fuels, including the detection and measurement of cat fines in the fuel. It provides critical diagnostic information that allows a ship's crew to monitor an engines performance. This information helps prevent receipt of poor quality or off-spec fuel that can wear out the engine and even cause severe damage to critical components.

Results from the SEA-Mate are easily viewed for ship operators to make decisions in real time for regulatrory compliance and true predictive maintenance. Fluid specs can be checked with ASP and CBR/Neural Network technololgy. The Enterprise system connectivity used is typically for connection to quality, asset monitoring, purchasing and ERP/MRP systems.