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DELTA Professional

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DELTA Professional

The DELTA Professional with the new X-act Count Technology is a great value solution from Olympus for handheld XRF analyzers.


The DELTA Professional
With New X-act Count Technology

The DELTA Professional provides excellent performance in speed, LODs, and elemental range. It is housed in an industrial designed body ruggedized to demanding environments. It provides the best mix of durability and analytical performance with lower cost of ownership.

The DELTA Professional Incorporates everything you need in a handheld XRF with state-of-the-art innovations and a rugged design.

Feature and Benefits

Optimized DELTA Configuration

New X-act Count Technology
Silicon Drift Detector
Automatic Filtering
Application Specific Tubes
Enhanced Analytical Performance

Light Elements and Alloys
Mg, Al, Si, and S Sensitivity
Transition and Heavy Metals
Rare Earth Elements (REEs)
Value Solution

Fast Measurement Time
Broad Elemental Range
Low Limits of Detection
Outstanding Precision
Hot Swap Battery for Continuous Operation


The DELTA Professional

The DELTA Professional with new X-act Count Technology is configured with a 40kV miniature X- ray tube, advanced Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), specialized filters, and multi-beam optimization. It is the best value solution from Olympus for handheld XRF analyzers. The DELTA Professional provides superior performance in speed, LODs , and elemental range.

DELTA Professional Specifications

Weight1.5 kg (3.2 lbs) without battery
Dimensions260 x 240 x 90 mm (10.25 x 9.5 x 3.5 in.)
Excitation source4W Ag, Rh, Au, or Ta anode (per application) X-ray tube
DetectorSilicon Drift Detector
Environmental temperature range-10 °C to 50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F)
Analytical rangeAlloy and Mining: Mg and up for Rh/Ag and Al and up for Ta/Au; Soil: P and higher
Processing electronics530 MHz CPU with integrated FPU with 128 MB RAM; Proprietary Olympus X-act Count Digital Pulse Processor (DPP)
Smart ElectronicsAccelerometer; Barometer for atmosphere pressure correction of light elements' measurements
PowerRechargeable Li-ion battery; Hot-swap maintains analyzer power during battery change
Display32 bit Color QVGA resolution, Blanview transmissive backlit touchscreen; 57 x 73 mm (2.25 x 2.9 in.)
Data Storage1 GB microSD (stores ~75,000 readings)
Data TransferUSB Bluetooth®

Standard Accessories

  • Waterproof Carrying Case

  • Two (2) Li-ion Batteries

  • Electronic User Manual and User Interface Guide and Printed Quick Start Guide

  • Docking Station

  • Mini USB Cable

  • 316 Stainless Steel Calibration Check Reference Coin

  • Ten (10) Spare Windows

  • Integrated Wrist Strap

  • DELTA PC Software

  • Factory Authorized Training & Support