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DELTA Alloys and Metals Handheld XRF Analyzer

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DELTA Alloys & Metals Handheld XRF Analyzers provide highly specific material chemistry to rapidly and accurately identify alloy grades and pure metals. Get alloy chemistry and grade ID in seconds, from simple sorting to challenging grade separations, from incoming material inspection to end-product verification.


Configured with a standard package of 25+ elements, the DELTA generates alloy chemistry and grade ID in seconds. From simple sorting to challenging grade separations, the DELTA provides highly specific material chemistry to rapidly and accurately identify pure metals and alloy grades including, but not limited to:

The DELTA Knows Metals and Alloys

Aluminum alloysPrecious metals
Chromium-Molybdenum steelsStainless steels
Cobalt alloysTool steels
Copper alloysTitanium alloys
Exotic alloysWrought Aluminum alloys
Magnesium alloysZinc alloys
Nickel alloysZirconium alloys
Nickel/Cobalt alloys

When you need a reliable analysis tool to provide fast and accurate Positive Material Identification (PMI), turn to the DELTA. From turnings, shavings, rods, and wires to small parts and components, to more sizeable material or structures, the DELTA provides anywhere, anytime testing with faster and more accurate results than ever before.

Ultimate Aluminum Analysis

Easily and directly sorts and grades Aluminum and Aluminum containing materials. The DELTA Premium offers unmatched Al performance.


Aluminum Alloys

1、Accurately measures Mg content in 5000 series alloys and separates Mg-containing alloys. Sorts 3003 and 3004; 1100 and 6063; 2014 and 2024
2、Titanium Alloys Olympus Innov-X DELTA Premium handheld XRF alloy analyzer test results on a cast 356 aluminum alloy.

3、Accurately determines the Al content in Ti alloys, including CP Ti cut with Al
Red Metals

4、Accurately classifies Al and Si bronzes
High-Temperature Cast Stainless

Measures Al in high-temp, Ni/Co superalloys



Small Component and Weld Analysis

DELTA Analyzers can be equipped with 3mm diameter spot collimation for hightly focused sample analysis. An integrated full VGA camera takes live video image of the sample tested and superimposes a spot location for precise test location. Capable of analyzing thin weld beads independent from substrate materials. Analyzes small fixture components, wires and solders.


1、Spot size can be changed in real-time by switching between the collimated 3 mm diameter spot and the standard 10 mm diameter analysis spot.
2、The sample image is saved to memory after analysis. The image can be archived along with the analysis results and exported for simple report generation.
3、The convenience of a benchtop spectrometer in a rugged handheld analyzer.



Weld Mask Adaptor

DELTA Premium Alloy Analyzer with Weld Mask installed

The ruggedized weld mask can be attached to the front plate

of the snout to collimate analysis to a 3 mm width slot, which

is perfect for rapid, on-site weld bead analysis. The DELTA

weld mask is engineering with layered metals to exclude

substrate materials from analysis.


















1、Positive Material Identification       2、SmartSort Mode      3、Grade Match Messaging

4、Welding Grade Library         5、High-Temperature Ready     6、Tramp Library    7、Easy Report Generation

Exclusive DELTA Alloy Analysis Features

The DELTA is a reliable and rugged analyzer that maximizes both speed and accuracy. Other XRF systems have trade-offs. They may be able to identify alloys quickly, however inexperienced operators may not be able to determine whether an ID is incorrect, or whether longer testing is required. So how does the conscientious inspector maximize testing speed without increasing the risk of mistaken IDs or erroneous readings? Innov-X's SmartSort solution automates all these decisions, enabling even inexperienced operators to maximize both speed and inspection accuracy. This powerful feature yields optimized throughput and accuracy, making the DELTA an extremely productive XRF for alloy inspection.

DELTA for Positive Material Identification

With Newly Available X-act Count Technology

Superior Light Element Analysis 
Traditionally a difficult area for handheld XRF, the analysis of light alloys and elements (Mg, Al, Si, P, S) can now be routine with the DELTA Alloy and Metal XRF Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) Analyzer with the newly available X-act Count Technology. Its integration with a 40kV Rhanode tube and automatic filtering provides fast, precise analysis of transition and heavy metals, and sensitive measurement of light element content. SmartSort maximizes testing throughput - sample by sample, testing is automatically extended or terminated - maximizing accuracy and throughput.

DELTA SDD Analyzer Benefits

1、Magnesium (Mg) detection down to 0.20%

2、Quick and accurate quantification of S content in stainless and low alloy steels
-- Reliable identification of 303 and 416 grades

3、Measures Si and Al in stainless, bronzes and other alloys

4、Measures P in carbon steel down to 0.014% with exclusive 3-beam Alloy Plus calibration

5、Extensive grade library combined with SmartSort provides nominal chemistry for light elements when the fastest testing speeds are required





SmartSort Mode

Enables specific grades to be set up to automatically extend testing time, thus preventing mix-ups

Maximizes effieciency for speed testing. Automatically extends tests for light elements (Mg, Al, Si, P, S) when absolutely necessary, thus eliminating unnecessarily long tests, and preventing mix-ups

Makes the DELTA an extremely fast analyzer for inspections


Grade Match Messaging

Enables qualitative information and messages to be added into the grade ID library

Fully customizable messages allow for refinery-specific coding messages

Can be used to store multiple messaging libraries for individual work sites


Welding Grade Library

Can be activated alongside the standard inspection library for comprehensive PMI work

Provides easy grade addition or editing on board the analyzer

Standard Grade Match Messaging library included

High-Temperature Ready

The DELTA is engineered to be utilized for in-service inspection of high temp systems with temperatures in excess of 426oC (800oF)

The DELTA's industry-exclusive heat sink dissipates heat away from the XRF electronics

The DELTA can be used for longer durations in hot environments

Facilitates enhanced reliability of key XRF electronic components

Provides faster cooling of electronics after exposure to high temperatures



Analysis results display

demonstrating nominal

value (3% Al) and

Tramp element (0.09% Fe)












Tramp Library

A long-time standard in OES systems, the DELTA is the first HHXRF to offer this feature

Allows operators to set a max tolerated concentration for individual elements in 7 unique grade families; these elements are considered "Tramp"

The DELTA comes preloaded with a tramp library based on industry standards

The analyzer can identify and report tramp material, enabling the user to simplify grade matching by not having to count small, expected amounts of tramp elements against the grade match

Detect and quantify tramp residuals critical to selective corrosion investigations and failure analysis



Easy Report Generation

1、Get fast, easy-to-interpret customizable results screen
2、Export data to wireless printer via Bluetooth®
3、Generate custom reports with DELTA PC Software
--Incorporate quantitative and qualitative results
--Incorporate analysis images
--Incorporate operator & company information
--Incorporate company logo





DELTA Series

DELTA Premium
DELTA ProfessionalDELTA Classic PlusDELTA Element

The DELTA Premium is equipped for powerful performance to handle the most analytically demanding


The DELTA Professional provides the best value solution with superior

performance in speed, LODs, and

elemental range.

The DELTA Classic Plus provides

quick ID, screening, sorting and

elemental metals analysis for a large variety of applications.

The DELTA Element is the entry-level DELTA, built for economy and fast

ROI for basic alloy identification and metals analysis.

DELTA Specifications

DELTA PremiumDELTA ProfessionalDELTA Classic PlusDELTA Element
Excitation Range4W Rh, Au, or Ta anode (per application) X-ray Tube
4W Ag, Rh, Au, or Ta anode (per application) X-ray tube4W Au or Ta anode X-ray tube
4W Au anode X-ray tube
DetectorLarge-Area Silicon Drift DetectorSilicon Drift DetectorSi-PIN Diode Detector
Analytical RangeAlloy and Mining: Mg and up for Rh/Ag and Al and up for Ta/Au; Soil: P and higher
Alloy and Mining: Ti and higher; Soil: P and higherAlloy: Ti and higher
Weight1.5 kg (3.25 lbs) without  battery
Dimensions260 x 240 x 90 mm (10.25 x 9.5  x 3.5 in.)
Environmental Temperature Range
-10 °C to 50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F)
Processing Electronics530 MHz CPU with integrated FPU with 128 MB RAM; Proprietary Olympus Digital Pulse Processor (DPP)
PowerRechargeable Li-ion battery;  Hot-swap maintains analyzer per during battery charge
Data Display32 bit Color QVGA resolution, Blanview transmissive backlit touch screen; 57 x 73 mm (2.25 x 2.9 in.)
Data Storage1 GB microSD (stores ~75,000 readings)
Data TransferUSB, Bluetooth®

Standard Accessories

1、Carrying Case

2、Li-ion Battery

3、Electronic User Manual and User Interface Guide and Printed Quick Start Guide

4、Battery Charger

5、MIni-USB Cable

6、3165 Stainless Steel Calibration Check Reference Coin

7、Ten (10) Spare Windows

8、Integrated Wrist Strap

9、DELTA PC Software

10、Factory Authorized Training and Support

Optional Accessories        

1、XRF WorkStation for mobile benchtop use

2、Soil Foot facilitating hands-free In-situ testing

3、Soil Extension Pole offering ergonomic In-situ testing while standing/walking

4、Belt Holster



Everything You Need in Handheld XRF with State-of-the-Art Innovation

The New Generation DELTA Handheld XRF Analyzers are ergonomically advanced with a forward looking design incorporating the latest in electronics, components, and software technology.

The newly available DELTA X-act Count Technology can provide even better sensitivity and precision in faster time for more materials than before. Throughput is increased with the same or better precision in half the time for most elements.

The unique DELTA Docking Station frees you from having to power down the analyzer. The station charges the analyzer battery and a spare, and performs periodic calibration checks. DELTAs can be operated 24/7 in the field with hot swap battery replacement.    

Features and Benefits
Powerful 4W X-ray tube, 200 μA current (max), optimized beam settings
Tight geometry for exceptional LODs and high analysis throughput
Large-Area SDD and customized X-ray tube options for exceptional sensitivity and precision for more elements and materials
Lightning-fast data acquisition for faster testing time
Floating Point Processor: Provides more calculations in less time and leverages more advanced calibration algorithms
Integrated Bluetooth® for data input and output available in most countries
Integrated wide area heat sinks throughout the DELTA body for high power use in extreme temperatures
Analysis indicator lights visible from 360° to help ensure safe use
Advanced colortouch LCD screen for clarity, brightness, responsiveness, and energy efficiency for indoor/outdoor use
Accelerometer technology puts the unit into sleep mode to save energy when not in use; logs impacts for tool management
DELTA PC Software for enhanced data analysis, calibration modeling, and optional closed beam workstation operation
USB interface port for high-speed downloads and seamless PC control
Ergonomic rubberized handle for enhanced grip
Docking Station and Hot Swap Batteries




DELTA Handheld XRF Configuration 

The DELTA brings the power and flexibility of handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometry to the field. Ruggedized and ultra portable, this dramatically fast 24/7 technology provides accelerated testing times, allowing for hundreds more tests to be conducted per day with analytical confidence. The DELTA series analyzers are configured with powerful miniature X-ray tubes, Si-PIN detectors or highly advanced Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD), specialized filters, and multi beam optimization for the ultimate in XRF field analysis. The DELTA's real overall value is to help make decisions in real time with minimal reliance on off-site laboratory testing.

Window Guard

Window Guard™ System Protection for Testing Metal Turnings, Shavings & Protruding Components Using the DELTA Handheld XRF Alloy Analyzer

The DELTA Handheld XRF Alloy Analyzer Window Guard System is ideal when testing conditions

get really tough. It is designed to protect everything inside the DELTA's analyzing window from

foreign objects. It safeguards the DELTA's detector, tube, filters, and electronics from damage by

sharp objects, dirt, and debris.










DELTA Window Guard System is designed to save customers thousands of dollars in costly repair bills and down time.

The economical DELTA Alloy Window Guard is easy

to affix and remove where and when you need it.

Simply remove the DELTA Alloy Window Guard to

 analyze elements lighter than Titanium (22) and make

sure the correct calibration mode is selected.

The DELTA Window Guard System is standard on all new

DELTA Handheld XRF Alloy Analyzer purchases. If you

want to upgrade your DELTA Handheld XRF Alloy Analyzer

 to incorporate the Window Guard System, simply schedule

a Service RMA which includes the Window Guard System

Set-Up and Calibration. Packets of Window Guards are available for purchase.